High School Admission

  • Welcome to VCTC! You've made a great educational choice!

    All applications to Valley Career & Technical Center must come through the participating school district guidance office. Students who wish to attend VCTC must fill out the application completely (in the menu bar on the left) and then return the form to his or her guidance counselor at the home campus.  The guidance counselor will collect the other information and prepare the packet to be sent to VCTC by the due date for admissions for the next school year.


    How is Admission Granted?

    Enrollment at VCTC is limited, therefore, each applicant is evaluated based on the information provided in the application with the most qualified applicants granted admission until all openings in that program are filled. The remaining applicants are then placed on a waiting list for potential placement as openings occur in those programs. The aptitude of each candidate for a specific program will be considered. All applicants should be in good academic standing, have good attendance and demonstrate appropriate behavior for high school students. 

    Students who apply to VCTC are not guaranteed acceptance into their first choice of a specific career and technical program because a program may be full. If the program they request is oversubscribed upon the completion of the program, they will need to consider a second and third choice as possible career paths. The student will then be placed on a waiting list for the oversubscribed programs and as openings become available, students on the wait list will be considered for acceptance into their requested program.