Teacher:  Lisa Lam

    Fort Defiance High School

    School Phone:  245-5050

    E-mail:  lklam@augusta.k12.va.us

    Planning:  1st Semester -  3rd Block (11:35-1:30)
                   2nd Semester -1st Block (8:15-9:45)
    My schedule for 1st semester 2020-2021
    1st Block:  Semester Alg.2
    2nd Block: Alg 2 Part 1 
    3rd Block:  Planning/Hall Monitor
    4th Block:  Alg 2 Part 1 
    My schedule for 2nd semester 2020-2021
    1st Block:  Planning/Hall Monitor
    2nd Block: Semester Alg.2
    3rd Block:  Semester Alg.2 
    4th Block:  Alg 2  Part 2 
    Online Alg 2 Textbook -This is the TEACHER'S EDITION!!!!  I am sharing this with you because there are a lot of extra resources that may be of assistance to you during this difficult learning experience. IF THIS LINK DOES NOT WORK, GO TO HOLT MCDOUGAL LOGIN AND PUT IN THE FOLLOWING USERNAME AND PASSWORD!
    Username: LKLAM@A8
    Password: algebra2@A8