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    Our Staff Members:
    Kim Liptrap           liptrap.kc@augusta.k12.va.us   
    Shelby Fowler,       fowler.sn@augusta.k12.va.us
    Karen Ryan,          ryan.kb@augusta.k12.va.us
    Pam Hewitt,         hewitt.pb@augusta.k12.va.us (SPED Aide)
    Emma Casto,          casto.er@augusta.k12.va.us (SPED Aide)

    Strategies Course Syllabus

    Riverheads High School Special Education Department

    Course Description: Strategies is designed to address the diverse learning needs and modifications of students with special needs.  Reading, writing, and vocabulary are emphasized daily for all students.  Individual learning needs will be supported, as well as transition services, career education, social skills, and math.

    Course Policies: This course will adhere to all student, school, and county policies. Individual class rules will be discussed per teacher/class.

    Required Materials: Students are responsible daily for having a three ring binder, a composition notebook, and pens or pencils.  There is no required text for the course.

    Grading: Fifty percent of the student’s six week grade will be determined by completion of class work during study time provided daily.  The remaining fifty percent of the student’s grade will be determined by vocabulary studies, tests, quizzes, class assignments, etc. The final grade is calculated by the computerized grading system used by Augusta County based on six weeks and exam grades.

    Final Exam: This course will have a final exam given in accordance with the county’s exam policies.

    Make-Up Work: Make-up work will be given according to Augusta County policy provided in the student handbook.     

    Augusta County Grading Scale:       A+ =  98-100          B+  = 88-89           C+  = 78-79           D+ = 68-69        F = 0-59

                                                                   A = 92-97                B = 82 - 87             C = 72-77              D = 62-67

                                                                    A- = 90-91              B- 80-81                 C- = 70-71             D- = 60-61