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    National Honor Society


                The National Honor Society exists to honor students with outstanding character, service, leadership, and scholarship, and to be of service to the community.  Each member here at RHS pledges to participate in the Blue Ridge Chapter’s ongoing service projects, which include working with other school groups to clean our adopted highway and our mentorship/tutoring program. 


                Juniors and seniors who have been in attendance at our school for at least one full semester and who have outstanding academic achievement (3.50 GPA and above) are offered the opportunity to submit activity forms each year in the fall.  They outline their contributions to the school and community in the areas of leadership, service, and character.   Membership in the blue Ridge Chapter also requires that the student has earned a minimum 3.5 in core academic classes; this will be validated after the student submits an on-time activity form. These activity forms, along with faculty recommendations, are considered by a faculty committee, and then invitations to membership are extended.

                   Students who are not selected for membership by the Faculty Council will be notified by the Chapter Advisors.  The time limit for appeals will be two weeks (fourteen calendar days) after the date that students are notified. 


                Sometimes we receive questions about “applications for membership.”  Parents and students need to be aware that under the provisions of the national charter and local by-laws, it is not possible to apply for membership.  Membership is by invitation only.


    Faculty sponsors:      Ms. Doyle / Mr. Weller