Riverheads High School Softball
    Home of the Gladiators
    District Champions:      1990, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2016
    Conference Champions:  2014
    Region Play-offs:          1990, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006,
                                        2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2018, 2019
    Region Champions       2018, 2019
    State Final Four        2018, 2019
    Coaching Staff
    Head Coach:  Mike Walters             walters.ml@augusta.k12.va.us
    Assistant Varsity Coach:    Ned Campbell
    Head JV Coach:          Kristin Anderson      anderson.kn@augusta.k12.va.us
    Volunteer Assistant JV Coach:   TBA
    All-District Team 2019
    Pearl Bass-Outfield-1st Team
    Allie Campbell-Outfield-2nd Team
    Emily Walters-Pitcher-2nd Team
    All-Region Team 2019
    Emily Walters-Pitcher-1st Team
    Emma Grubb-Shortstop-1st Team
    Pearl Bass-Outfielder-1st Team
    Allie Campbell-Outfielder-1st Team
    Riley Reed-DP-1st Team
    Mike Walters-Coach of the Year
    Emily Walters-Player of the Year
    Cheyenne Demming-Catcher-2nd Team

    All-State 2019
    Emily Walters  1st team Pitcher
    Pearl Bass 1st team Outfield
    Emma Grubb 2nd Team shortstop

    All-District Team 2018
    Leah Lester-Outfield-1st Team
    Carmon Bradley-Catcher-2nd Team
    Emily Walters-Pitcher-2nd Team
    All-Region Team 2018
    Emily Walters-1st Team-Pitcher
    Carmon Bradley-1st Team-Catcher
    Samantha Persinger-1st Team-2nd Base
    Riley Reed-1st Team-Outfield
    Leah Lester-1st Team-Outfield
    Emma Grubb-2nd Team-Shortstop
    Coach of the Year: Kris LaFirenza
    All-State Team 2018
    Samantha Persinger-1st Team-2nd Base
    Leah Lester-1st Team-Outfield
    Carmon Bradley-2nd Team-Catcher
    Emily Walters-2nd Team-Pitcher
    Riley Reed-Honorable Mention-Outfield
    2017 Season Information
    Varsity Softball Record:      9-12
    JV Softball Record:             2-14 
    All-District Team 2017
    Madison Cash-Outfield-1st Team
    Carmon Bradley-1st Base-2nd Team 
    All-Conference 44 Team 2017
    Madison Cash-Pitcher-1st Team
    Emily Walters-Pitcher-1st Team
    Madison Cash-Outfield-1st Team
    Savanna Hanger-DP-1st Team
    Madison Cash-Conference 44 Player of the Year
    Leah Lester-Pitcher-2nd Team
    Leah Lester-Outfield-2nd Team
    Carmon Bradley-Utility-2nd Team 
    Christa Arehart-Shortstop-Honorable Mention
    All Region 1A East Team 2017
    Savanna Hanger-DP/Flex-1st Team
    Madison Cash-Outfield-2nd Team
    Madison Cash-Pitcher-Honorable Mention
    Emily Walters-Pitcher-Honorable Mention 
    All State 2017 Team
    Savannah Hanger-DP/Flex-2nd Team 
    2016 Season Information
     Varsity Softball Record:      17-3
    JV Softball Record:              7-7
    All-District Team 2016
    Kelly Coffey-1st base-1st team
    Cassidey Chrisman-3rd base-1st team
    Leah Lester-Outfielder-1st team
    Makayla Krysiewicz-Pitcher-1st team
    Madison Cash-2nd base-2nd team
    Makayla Krysiewicz-Outfielder-2nd team
    Madison Cash-Pitcher-2nd team
    Coach of the Year-Chad Coffey 
    All-Conference 44 Team 2016
    Makayla Krysiewicz-Pitcher-1st team
    Madison Cash-Pitcher-1st team
    Madison Cash-2nd base-1st team
    Cassidey Chrisman-3rd base-1st team
    Leah Lester-Outfielder-1st team
    Makayla Krysiewicz-Outfielder-1st team
    Kelly Coffey-DP-1st team
    Pitcher of the Year-Makayla Krysiewicz
    Leah Lester-Pitcher-2nd team
    Blake Bartley-Catcher-2nd team
    Kelly Coffey-1st base-2nd team
    Samantha Krysiewicz-Outfielder-2nd team
    Christa Arehart-Shortstop-Honorable Mention
    All-Region Team 2016 
    Madison Cash-2nd base-1st team
    Leah Lester-Outfielder-1st team
    Kelly Coffey-DP/Flex-1st team
    Makayla Krysiewicz-Pitcher-2nd team
    Cassidey Chrisman-3rd base-2nd team
    All State Team 2016
    Kelly Coffey - DP/Flex - 1st team
    Leah Lester - Outfield - 2nd team
    Madison Cash - 2nd base - 2nd team


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