• Colleges

    A good education gives you the freedom to choose the career you would like to have.  Planning to continue your education involves setting priorities.   If you make education a priority, you will probably find yourself well-prepared for the future and confident about your ability to use your knowledge and experience in the world of work.  Planning for college often involves doing more than the minimum expected of you. 
    You don't have to make huge decisions right now about exactly what you want to do for the rest of your life.  You do have to remember that each decision you makes now will affect the choices you'll have later. 
    Choosing a college means choosing a lifestyle.  Decide what you want to gain from your college experience and in what type of community you wish to live.  Personal growth stems from living in an environment in which you can balance academics and social life. Visit campuses to gain perspective.  Identify the kind of school that would support your professional goals and enhance your learning experience.