Mr. Nick Nycum (Principal), Mr. Steve Hartley (A.P./A.D.), Mr. Tony Ramsey (A.P.), and Mrs. Crystal Hanger (A.P.)
          The mission of Stuarts Draft High School is to prepare students to graduate with the  necessary knowledge, integrity, and responsibility to be active learners, productive  workers and contributing members of their communities. Our administrative team takes  that statement to heart and incorporates it daily into our school activities and programs.  Our conversations with our students, teachers and staff tend to revolve around choices  and accountability. We believe strongly in the "teachable moments" that present  themselves and allow us to facilitate growth and responsibility in our students. Students  at SDHS understand that we view school as their job and that we expect them to take that  job seriously. We also view the high school experience as one that can and should be  fun! We want our students to make the most of their years here both in and out of our  classrooms and encourage them to create, participate and explore positive outlets that  will enrich their lives and learning.
     We are a team that believes the involvement and support of our school community is  critical to our school's success. We have an open door policy and encourage parents,  students and community members to come and meet with us to discuss concerns, bring  suggestions or offer their support and assistance as we work towards continued growth  and improvement of Stuarts Draft High School.
     Please see each administrator's individual page for more information.
Last Modified on August 30, 2019