Stuarts Draft High School

    “Home of the Cougars”

    2018-2019 Goals

    Goal 1: Continue to improve student achievement and promote the success of all students:


    • Continue to implement the “Cougar Return” block to enhance intervention, remediation, enrichment, and study hall efforts for all students.
    • Try to limit students’ being called out of regular class time, utilize CR time for speaking with students
    • Monitor and further improve the quality of the remediation program for students needing support for SOL testing/retakes:
    • Maintain all standardized test scores at or above county and state requirements
    • Differentiate and individualize remediation efforts to fit students’ needs
    • Ensure remediation schedule does not interfere with academic courses to the extent possible
    • Quicker turnaround for expedited SOL retakes
    • Provide enrichment opportunities for gifted and talented students:
    • Gifted and Talented coordinated activities
    • Focus on freshmen class and foster momentum over their career
    • Promote advance level courses
    • Promote dual enrollment and AP courses
    • Explore character traits training opportunities:
    • Offer leadership seminars for students not involved in clubs
    • Continue to monitor our “Cougars Not In Good Standing” policy to raise the average daily attendance percentage to 94%:
    • Strengthen the unexcused tardy policy
    • Complete buy in from all staff on tardy policy to class
    • Continue collaboration with vertical teams to ensure academic success of all students.


    1. Administrators and counselors meet with the middle school for student scheduling and to discuss educational and / or behavioral concerns in an effort to promote student success and to lower the drop-out rate.
    2. Ninth grade English and Math teachers meet with eighth grade Language Arts and Math teachers to discuss eighth grade progress monitoring data and discuss positive interventions.

    Goal 2: Continue to improve the overall instructional and student environment:


    • Improve current In-School Suspension program
    • Assign one staff member to lead ISS the entire day.
    • Ensure assignments are made available for students to work on while placed in ISS.



    1. Continue to educate and inform staff on the 5 C’s PBA’s, PBL, interdisciplinary/cross



    • Make school visits
    • Provide professional development opportunities at SDHS
    • Have teachers create a lesson that incorporates the 5 C’s



    Goal 3: Continue the implementation of the Digital Conversion initiative:


    • Revamp existing Technology Committee to include administrator and ITRT.
    • Research and develop ongoing staff development opportunities
    • Continue educational opportunities for students to utilize technology throughout all subject areas.
    • Utilize student gmail accounts
    • Google Drive capabilities
    • Using Google accounts to enhance classroom learning
    • Google classroom
    • Canvas
    • Increase staff and student awareness of proper and safe use of school and personal Devices.
    • Continue education on “appropriate” use of technology.
    • An educational approach versus a zero tolerance approach



Last Modified on July 26, 2018