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    Advanced PE Syllabus (2010-2011)



    The students will learn the basic fundamentals of weight training and nutrition.

    The students will improve their cardiovascular conditioning.

    The students will improve their muscular endurance.

    The students will understand that weight training is a life-long activity.


    Class Rules

    1. Treat others as you want to be treated – Hazing or bullying will not be tolerated. 
    2. No Drinks during class (will result in points taken off daily grade)
    3. No Food during class (will result in points taken off daily grade)                  
    4. No Jewelry (rings, necklaces, earrings, etc..)
    5. No Profanity         
    6. No Boxer Shorts  
    7. No Horseplay        
    8. Keep off gym floor when not in an activity.
    9. You are not allowed to be in the locker room during class.  You will use the bathroom in the hallway.


    Class Procedure

    You will be given 5 minutes to get dressed after the tardy bell.  Failure to get dressed on time will result in the discipline plan to take effect. 


    Grading System

    Daily Grade = 20 points (5 points dress out) (15 points participation)

    Final Exam = 100 points



    All students will be provided with a locker to use during PE class.  Teachers are NOT responsible for lost or stolen items from the locker room.  This is why you are given a locker.  Please return all articles found to your teachers.


    Dress Policy

    You may wear any athletic gear that follows school rules. NO TANK TOPS OR BOOTS.


    Dressing Out Policy

    You will receive a zero on the days you do not dress out.  Every student must dress for class 85 out of 90 days during the semester.  Failure to meet this requirement will result in automatic failure. 


    Excused Notes

    You are allowed 2 parent notes each six weeks.  Each note can last only ONE day.  Doctor’s notes are good for the dates listed on the excuse. 

    In order to receive credit for the class you will need to participate in at least 85% of all classroom activities.  If you do not achieve 85%, you will be required to complete extra work to receive credit.  Parent notes and no dresses will count against your daily participation.


    Game Days

    You will be expected to participate in all daily activities during class when you have a game or practice.  If you fail to dress or participate I have the right to keep you from participating in your sport that day.


    Semester Calendar


    August 1 – August 20                       Introduction of Class and Weight Training Activities, Fill out Student Profiles, Nutritional Information


    August 23 – August 27               Introduce Lifting Program and Lifts , Nutrition Information                  


    August 30 – September 10               Beginner Weightlifting Program

                                                              Sport Activities


    September 13 – October 1              Intermediate Weightlifting Program

                                                              Sport Activities


    October 4 – January 12                           Advanced Weightlifting Program

                                                              Sport Activities, Lift-a-thon