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    The G&T committee at Wilson Memorial hopes to have a lot of exciting enrichment activities this year for our Gifted students and are open to ideas for workshops.

    The philosophy of Augusta County Schools is for the classroom teacher to differentiate the curriculum when and where necessary to meet the needs of the gifted student in his or her class. Some ways that students may see this happening are acceleration of content or grade level, independent study, Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment classes, variation of assignments, variation of requirements, and opportunities to attend the Regional Governor’s School, the Summer Regional Governor’s School, Summer Residential Governor’s Schools, Language Academies and other summer seminars or workshops.
    In addition to differentiation of instruction planned at Wilson, enrichment activities will be provided. Each student identified as gifted will be notified of activities and offered the chance to participate. Priority will be given based on the area of giftedness for workshops with a limited size. We will try to hold as many activities as possible during the school day to avoid interfering with sports, band, etc. If activities are held after school, then the student must provide his or her transportation home.
    Augusta County identifies students as gifted or talented in the following areas: Specific Intellectual area of Mathematics, Science or Language, Music, Art and Drama.  Identification usually takes place at the elementary level, but can be done during any school year. If a parent feels that their child has been overlooked in the past or should be screened in any of the above areas, they can start the screening process by referring the child’s name to me, Kari Hite, coordinator of gifted activities at WMHS. Please do this as early in the year as possible since there are a variety of testing deadlines.