• Assistive Technology/Computer Club!


    Computer Club

    What is this club about?

    This fun club is perfect for any student interested in exploring all of the latest tools for making school work easier. From pencil grips to iPads, netbooks, flip cameras, smartboards, Kendals, g-mail, blogs, gaming, this is the place to use them all. This club is open to all students interested in exploring these devices and other programs that are available through the computer technology field. There are no dues. It is one of Wilson’s newest clubs and activities are planned for individuals as well as groups of students.


    Club Sponsor:

    Mrs. Lane

    How much do I need to pay?

    It is a free club!

    What cycle do meet?

    Green- Cycle A

    Where do we meet?

    Room 53


    Calendar of Events:

    Coming soon!


    Coming soon!

    Web Designer:

    Charlotte Harnad #14

Last Modified on August 27, 2010