Fins Furs and Feathers

    Club Sponsors

    The Triple F Club is sponsored by Mr. Grove and Mr. Major.


    Ø  The mission of the club is to promote the future of wildlife and their habitat.

    o   Club meetings will focus on the value of hunting and fishing, educating members about hunting ethics and wildlife management, and the importance of conserving, restoring, and enhancing natural habitats.

    o   Gun safety and management when handling a firearm will also be featured.

    o    Dues are $5.


    Club Location

    Ø  Triple F meet in the Rec Gym

    Club Meeting Schedule

    Ø  Clubs meet on an orange club day cycle A.

    Calendar of Events

    Ø  TBA


    Ø  Please see Mr. Grove or Mr. Major.


    Ø  There are no club officers for this club.

Last Modified on August 31, 2007