• As we enter this next week of the mandatory shut-down, we are all expected to adapt to this new "normal" way of instruction. If you have question, email me directly. Please refer to the following instructions:

    Economics and Personal Finance - please refer to my Google Classroom daily for assignments, etc as if you were in the classroom. Message me if you have any questions about any lesson!

    Introduction to Computer Science - please refer to the Edhesive website. I will be loading the next 9 weeks lessons and will give you instructions in the "Announcements" section. As you need a quiz or test password, I will email you and reset for each individual. You will no longer be able to see the correct answers once complete and will only receive one attempt.

    Isaep - continue to work on your GED preparation and be ready to take your practice tests or actual tests upon return to school. I will communicate with you all through email so if there is an update to the hours of test center I will let you know.

    Stay safe and healthy!

     DO THE FIVE. Help stop coronavirus 


    Mrs. Susan Eagle Jones
    540-886-4286   fax: 540-886-4611

    1st Block:     Planning/NTA

    2nd Block:    Economics and Personal Finance
    3rd Block:    Introduction to Computer Science (PYTHON)

    4th Block:    Economics and Personal Finance

    Senior Class Sponsor
    Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Adviser
    ISAEP Coordinator
    Google Certified Educator - Level 2
Last Modified on March 16, 2020