• Welcome to my class!
    I hope that we have a successful semester!
    I believe homework is an important part of math instruction. It allows students to review and practice the material taught in that day's lesson. I assign homework almost every day and try to give class time to start the assignment. It is very important that homework gets completed!!!
    I also believe that organization, class participation, and good attendance are important tools for success. I work to help students take and organize their notes for my class. Notebooks are collected periodically.  
    Students may also be given assignments to be completed in class or during Return Block. These will often be lessons to complete on IXL. 
    Together homework and notebook checks will be in the "Practice/Participation Grades" portion of the gradebook and will be worth 10% of the nine weeks grade. 
    Bellwork is a set of problems to be completed at the beginning of each class and will be a review of material taught previously. Bellwork is graded each day and a weekly bellwork grade will be entered into Infinite Campus.
    A quiz or a test will be given nearly every week. Quizzes are used to help me track student progress through the material so that reteaching can be done as needed before the chapter tests. 
    All bellwork, quizzes and other assignements (besides tests) will be in the "Minor Grades" category of the gradebook and will be worth 40% of the nine weeks grade.
    Because it is important for the students to be able to retain the material for the long term and be able to use it in real world problems, tests will account for the remaining 50% of the nine weeks grade. Three tests will be given each quarter in each class.
    Sometimes students have difficulty with the material taught in class and need extra help. I am available for quick questions in the mornings before school begins and typically stay after school until at least 4:00 most days.
    If you have any questions, it is easiest to reach me by email. My email address is khite@augusta.k12.va.us You may also call me between noon and 1:30 pm at (540) 886-4286.