• My name is Susanna Larner and I am the Athletic Trainer here at Wilson.
          4th Block - Athletic Training 1 (1st semester)
           4th Block - Athletic Training 2 (2nd semester)
    Contact Me:
           I am easiest to reach before 1:30 and after 3:45 by the following methods:
    Susanna M. Larner, VATL, ATC
    Wilson Memorial High School
    189 Hornet Road
    Fishersville, VA 22939
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    Tips for Fall!
    Drink lots of water or juice and eat lots of fruits and vegetables to help stay hydrated and keep electrolytes balanced!  Poor hydration can hurt your performance and loss of electrolytes can cause painful cramping.  
    Please use sunblock!  At this time of year you can get painful burns, especially at all day outdoor events.
    Two pairs of socks can reduce friction and keep blisters from forming.  Baby powder will help keep feet dry and also help reduce friction.
    Have layers of clothing as the weather cools.  This way you can take off or add on as needed. 
                                                                         First Aid box