• Welcome to Mr. Steele's ninth grade earth science classes. 

    April 2nd Update:

    By Monday April 6th you will begin to see weekly "lessons" or "learning modules" on your google classroom site. As you were notified by the administration, any grades associated with these lessons can only help your grade, not hurt it. Your grade in the class is what you earned for 3rd quarter, but you are encouraged to do your best on these assignments as your grade could improve and you will need to know this content for future science classes.

    Your National Park Game assignment has been modified so please reread that assignment on google classroom as well.

    The local geology project and related field trip has been cancelled.

    Email me with any questions:   sisteele@augusta.k12.va.us

    Earth Science is a physical science which covers a broad range of topics grouped into four major branches: astronomy, meteorology, oceanography, and geology. We will explore such topics as Earth's position in space; the enormous duration of geologic time and the changes the Earth has undergone; the behavior of streams, glaciers, volcanoes, and earthquakes; and causes of day-to-day weather changes. 

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