• Your child will be given a copy of our parent information letter to bring home to be signed and returned. The letter describes our policies and contains information about medical conditions and our family life permission form. Click the link below to print a copy for yourself.
    Fitnessgram physical fitness testing:


       Our students will test in the fall and the spring in these areas: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, and lower body and core flexibility.  Cardiovascular endurance is assessed with the 20 meter Pacer test.  Muscular strength and endurance are assessed with push ups and curl ups. Lower body flexibility is assessed with the back saver sit and reach test, and core flexibility with the trunk extension or trunk lift test.  


    Please see the Fitnessgram website for more details.  

    Fitnessgram Details

       Make-up Policy: Students who are absent should make up work by completing the Physical Activity/Nutrition Log for each day they are absent, including a signature from a parent or guardian, in order to receive a grade for the days they are absent. Click the link below to download the log. Students may also pick up a hard copy from their PE teacher. If a student is sick on the days of absence they must complete the nutrition portion of the log.
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