The purpose of this course is to develop competence in: physical fitness, locomotor and non-locomotor skills, participation skills, social behavior, health topics and learning strategies for lifetime fitness. 


    We will work on the five P.E. strands and three Health strands, using a variety of fitness and health activities, throughout the year. 

    P.E. STRANDS                                                                               HEALTH STRANDS

    1.   Motor Skill Development                                                     1.  Essential Health Concepts
    2.   Anatomical Basis of Movement                                           2.  Healthy Decisions
    3.   Fitness Planning                                                                    3.  Advocacy and Health Promotion
    4.   Social Development
    5.   Energy Balance

    CLASS/GYM RULES (Blended learners) 

    Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will help promote a safe, respectful and fun learning environment.

    1.   Stay in your assigned gym space at all times, unless directed otherwise, maintain social distancing
    2.   Keep your hands and feet to yourself - maintain physical distance(10 feet apart)
    3.   Please refer to the link for further information on COVID-19 updates https://www.augusta.k12.va.us/covid19
    4.   Be respectful to teachers and peers
    5.   No candy or gum 

    GRADING (Blended and Virtual)

    Participation 60% (actively engaged in all activities and meets the expectations/objectives of the fitness log) 

    Skills 20% (assessment of the components of physical fitness) Videos and rubrics turned in on time (virtual)

    Classroom 20% - Health assignments, quizzes, turned in on time

    MEDICAL PRECAUTIONS (Blended and Virtual)

    A doctor’s note is needed to excuse a student from participating in class(blended). If the doctor’s note completely excuses participation the student will be given an alternate assignment. Please do not send your child to school sick. 

    Those with asthma who have inhalers must have a doctor’s note on file in the office.(Blended)

    If a virtual learner is sick and cannot do the daily activities, parents need to communicate with their PE teacher so their assignments are not late. 


    Due to Covid-19 students will not be dressing out this year. Students will wear their school clothes during PE class. Please dress for P.E. the two days you will be at school.  Students will work up a sweat in class, hence the importance of wearing deodorant, tennis shoes, socks, and appropriate attire for participating in physical activity. 


    Cell phones are not allowed in PE. They must be turned off and kept in your bookbag during class.

    Bookbags and water bottles will be in the gym and must remain in the assigned area during class.

    Students need to bring a water bottle each day, there are no water fountains in the gym this year. 


                                  To email a P.E. teacher
                                please click on their name.
    Miss. Carter 
          Mr. Shelton