• Augusta County Schools Educational Technology Plan for 2011-2014

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    The Augusta County Schools Educational Technology Plan for 2011-2014 is modeled after the 2010-2015 Educational Technology Plan for Virgina (available here). The plan focuses on five goals that address factors recognized to support effective technology use:
    1. Appropriately and adequately designed environment
    2. Meaningful engagement
    3. Purposeful application of tools for learning
    4. Use of authentic technology tools to extend learning capabilities
    5. Authentic and intelligent assessments
    Our plan highlights local strategies and measures that are aligned to these goals and to local priorities as defined by our needs assessment.
    • Improve ITC Literacy, including knowledge and application of Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship, among all stakeholders.
    • Offer additional online learning opportunities for students and staff.
    • Explore and implement access to mobile devices as learning tools.
    • Restore funding for a systematic replacement cycle of existing technology and the deployment of new technologies.
    • Continue evaluating technology tools that maximize use and minimize cost.
    • Increase staff awareness of technology resources and uses that are more student-centered.
    The plan was developed by the Augusta County Technology Committee with input from students, teachers, administrators, parents and other community stakeholders.

    Many thanks to those who completed technology surveys last spring and and to those who served on the various subcommittees responsible for writing the plan.

    Updated: May 23, 2011