• Career Assessment Center


    Career Assessment is important in the overall preparation of a student to graduate from high school. Assessment is a valuable tool for determining course planning and tailoring a match of student strengths and interests. They will understand the connection between the schoolwork and career/ job training.

    Statistics show that 74% of assessed students placed in recommended career classes achieve at a higher rate than non-assessed students.

    Assessment can be completed in one day, which minimizes time away from SOL studies.


    The following assessment tools are available at the CAC:


    Magellan is an assessment designed to help students narrow choices into their top three interests.   Additionally, students answer questions relating to their physical/people skills, and time and temperament preferences. These results are based on Department of Labor Standards.

    Learning/Working Styles is an assessment that helps the student to identify and understand the best conditions under which they concentrate, absorb and retain new information. It is divided into the following domains: physical, social, environmental, mode of expression, and work characteristic.

    LAPs (Learning Assessment Programs) are a variety of job-specific basic skills learning assessments related to successful job performance. They were created to help identify one's ability to handle job-specific math, communication, science, and problem-solving skills related to the workplace.

    Workstations  give students hands on opportunity to try over 65 different career options.


    Referrals can be made through the guidance department. A parent permission, referral form and copy of the emergency care card is required for each student before attending the Career Assessment Center.


    All  8th grade and high school students are eligible for assessment.


    Questions ????  Please call 245-5006 or 943-5511 ext. 230

     Career Assessment Coordinator - Tracey Straub    straubt@valleytech.us