• Extensions Mathematics
      The purpose of Extensions Mathematics is to promote growth in mathematics.  In this course we determine what areas of mathematics each student is having some difficulty with and aid him/her in overcoming this mathematical barrier.   To help, students may work on the following web links each six weeks at home (we will be covering similar materials in their extensions class each six weeks).  If the links below do not help, feel free to contact me, Mr. C, at cocke.aw@augusta.k12.va.us
    Year Long Resources:
      Our goal over the course of the year is for a student to be able to determine two numbers being multiplied together within 1.5 seconds after they hear the fact (or see).   This helps with a term called "Math Fluency" which promotes acquiring new knowledge in the classroom for 6-8th grade.   With this program set the timer to 5 workout time, 2 second Question Cutoff and ask your child which level he or she is on.   If they do not know, feel free to work on the 1x1 to 5x5 for the first and second six weeks, 2x6 to 9x5 for the third six weeks, and 6x6 to 9x9 for the 4th and 5th six weeks.   
      This is a program that determines what areas students may be having difficulty with and focuses in on those topics.   This is a great program for students to practice on... on their own.   They can watch videos if they do not understand a topic, it provides guided practice, and slowly increases the difficulty of similar problems over time.    This program covers topics that begin in Kindergarten and end in College level mathematics.  
      Starting in sixth grade, word problems in mathematics starts to greatly increase.   As a result of this, many students have to learn new mathematical vocabulary in order to understand what the question wants them to do.  As a result in Extensions Class we rehearse key mathematical terms with students on a weekly basis.  Please check the new vocabulary each six weeks and allow your student 3-5 minutes to review the terms (flash cards, multiple choice or matching test, any program on the website linked each six week will be helpful to your student).    
    First Nine Weeks: 
    Vocabulary Unit 1: (First Three Weeks)
    Vocabulary Unit 2: (Second Three Weeks)
    Vocabulary Unit 3:   (Third Three Weeks)
    This Unit Will Have More Terms Based on needs from Unit 1 and Unit 2!