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    2015-2016 Goals

    We continue to focus on providing the best practices available to prepare our students for success beyond high school by identifying 70% of our 10th graders with at least one career cluster of interest in their Virginia Wizard profile by December, 2015 and to be involved in one activity in support of this identified interest by June, 2016.

    Small group or individual meeting with Career Coach

    • Classroom presentations

    • Field trips

    • Discussion with Guidance that relates to their interest.

    • Attending a Human Resource presentation given by an employer

    • Attend career fairs

    • Utilize Virginia Wizard

    • Research projects assigned by classroom teachers

    • Community Service

    • Use time during Club Day in Enrichment Seminars for career presentations

    • Create and follow through with a career exploration

    • Provide incentive for job shadowing/visit with employer

    • IT team involvement

       We seek to develop students as good citizens by having 70% of 11th grade students participate in at least one soft skills training opportunity and submit documentation of that participation by the end of the 2015-2016 school year.

    • Soft Skills Boot Camp

    • Classroom presentations

    • Individual meetings with the career coach

    • Job shadowing

    • Mock interviews

    • Peer mentors

    • Attend career fairs

    • Iron Lives presentations/experiences

    • Phone interviews/visits to local businesses

    • Monthly soft skill emphasis where teachers incorporate skills into a lesson or cooperative learning activities

    • Community Service

    • Enrichment Seminar presentations

    • Work to create a SOFT SKILLS CERTIFICATION that students could add to their resume

    • Lunch with an Employer/Administrator

    • IT Team involvement


    We seek to promote greater connection to the community by increasing parental participation to include 50% of the student body.


    • Parent Portal tutorial session.

    • Parent conference appointments.

    • Avoid parent meeting conflicts with feeder schools.

    • Make Global Connect more efficient including by email.

    • Continue Good News cards; call home, Hall of Fame, Social Media, Whole Village Award, etc…..

    • Teachers update School Wires page.

    • Revamp the FDHS website by including this task as part of a support staff job description to include appropriate training.


    We strive to meet and maintain 96% student attendance and a 100% graduation rate.


    • Collaborate with feeder schools to address early indicators of truancy.

    • Increase partnerships with local businesses to raise awareness of the value of education.

    • Increase staff communication of relevant information concerning at risk students.

    • Continue efforts to connect at risk students with positive role models through school programs such as, IRON, FD Pride and STARS.

    • Increase teacher involvement by getting to know students outside the academic setting.

    • Continue to follow County and State guidelines regarding attendance.

    • Involve agencies for at risk students such as Juvenile Court Services Unit, FAPT and Department of Social Services.

    • Work collaboratively with the therapeutic day treatment program to better meet the needs of our most at risk students.

    • Continue efforts to work cooperatively with our feeder schools to identify programs for at risk children.

    We strive to have 100% student participation in an extracurricular activity.


    • Continue Club Day Fair where students have the opportunity to explore what clubs are about.

    • Create incentives and class competition to join clubs and participate in activities.

    • Electronic access to club descriptions on web site home page.

    • Upper classmen invite a freshman or sophomore to clubs.

    • Fort TV testimonials about the different clubs.

    • Interview students to find out what clubs they would be interested in, such as a computer application and design club.

    • Shadowing a club member.

    • Dues may be a barrier. Find ways to allow students to participate.

    • Assembly where clubs present skits or commercials.

    • Encourage students in becoming a fan of different activities.

    • Encourage club and activity attendance through classes.

    • Conduct school spirit competitions by class with prizes and/or eligibility for drawings.

    We continue to maintain state and federal accreditation by specifically working to raise SOL test scores for the sub-groups to 80%.


    Sub-groups are as follows:

    Group One – Students with disabilities, English Language Learners, Economically Disadvantaged Students.

    Group Two – Black Students

    Group Three – Hispanic Students

    Increase Resource class opportunities

    • Continue to Emphasize Reading Skill Development by:

      • Utilizing EXC-ELL Strategies across all disciplines

    • Word of the Week

    • Derivatives

    • Practicing Close/Active Reading

    • Teach thinking skills

    • Continue to build on JMU partnerships

    • Support attendance goals

    • Collaborate with ESL teacher in developing strategies for ELL population

    • Continue to practice differentiation through ability grouping

    • Collaborate with the Middle School to insure student preparedness
Last Modified on August 27, 2015