Policy 7.600

    It is the policy of the school division to permit the establishment and operation of student organizations in the secondary school and to permit such organizations to meet on school premises during school sponsored activity periods or noon-instructional time.


    Curriculum-related student organizations serve as an extension of the regular school curriculum.  They shall be sponsored and supervised by one or more of the full-time members of the school faculty and approved by the principal.  These organizations generally may meet during school-sponsored activity periods during the school day but may meet before and after the school day during non-instructional time.


    Non-curriculum-related student organizations may use school facilities before and after the school day during non-instructional time.  Such organizations must be student initiated and directed, and school personnel, parents and any other persons who are not students enrolled in the school are prohibited from directing, controlling, conducting or regularly attending the meetings of such organizations, except that the designated and agreed full-time faculty supervisor(s) must attend the entire time of all meetings.


    Parent Permission:  No student shall be a member of or attend the meeting of a non-curriculum-related student organization without the prior express written permission of a parent of legal guardian filed with the school.  The faculty supervisor is to keep record of the permission slips with the parent/guardian signature in their files for future reference, if needed.