Please bring a pen or pencil to class with you every day. Please also bring some kind of paper to write on and some method of keeping track of your notes. It could be a three ring binder or notebook or whatever best suits your organizational needs. You must use some effective method of keeping track of your papers and your notes.
    Textbooks and lab manuals will be provided. Do NOT write or highlite in either book. Frequently labs will be given out as handouts. Please do not write on the handouts. The class will consist of lectures, labs, discussions, and movies. Homework will be assigned almost daily. The student is responsible for studying the text carefully and using it as a source of knowledge.
    Written reports are required for each of the labs. Generally, most of the write-ups will be written at home after the procedure has been recorded.
    1. The county grading scale is used.
    2. Credit will only be given to work turned in on time.
    3. A point system is used to determine your grade so that 20% of the points comes from labs, 20% of the points comes from homework, 10% comes from participation in class and 50% of your grade comes from your test scores.
    4. The student is responsible for making up any missed assignments and for checking the blackboard daily for assignments.
    5. All students are expected to behave with a proper sense of decorum. It is absolutely critical that every student be aware of the possible dangers involved in lab situations and behave accordingly.
    All work will be made up the day following the absence. For example, if you are absent one day, you have until the next day to make up your work. Students absent the day of a test or lab will be expected to take the test or perform the lab the day they get back. All students are strongly encouraged to make up missed assignments as early as possible after prolonged absences.