• Wilson Memorial High School
    189 Hornet Road
    Fishersville, VA 22939
    Instructor: Mr. Dane Barr
    Room: 47



    My wife and I in on a glacier in southern Iceland playing our ice axes.  Haha.

    My wife and I playing our ice pick "axes" (haha) on Mýrdalsjökull Glacier in southern Iceland. 

    Welcome to Mr. Barr's Webpage!  I teach Earth Science and Geology/ Earth Science II.  Earth Science is an SOL Course.  Released SOL tests and review material can be accessed via the SOL Review link. 

    First Semester:
    Block 1:  Earth Science
    Block 2:  Geology
    Block 3:  Planning
    Block 4:  Earth Science 
    Second Semester:
    Block 1:  Planning
    Block 2:  Earth Science 
    Block 3:  Earth Science
    Block 4:  Geology


    Major assignments will comprise 50% of the final grade, while minor grades and participation will be 40% and 10% of the final grade, respectively.  Grades will be frequently updated on Infinite Campus.      

Last Modified on July 20, 2020