• Technology Education




    The Bold and the underlined Projects are what we are currently working on.

    Beverley Manor Middle School

    Teacher—Mr. Fair


    School Phone: 540-886-5806

    Technological Systems (8th Grade)

    .     Safety first

    · Rocket Research and Presentation

    ·rocket Making Scratch Rocket

    · Making the CO2 Car

    ·     Lego Mindstorms (Robotics)

    · Career and Hobby Opportunities


    Inventions and Innovations (7th Grade)

    ·Image result for clip art delta dart balsa airplane Plane2 Airplane research and presentation

    · Catapult Project

    ·  The Amazing Delta Dart
    Mousetrap Powered Car/ Parachute Design 

    · Lego Mindstorms (Robotics)

      *      Next year's opportunities


    Introduction to Technology (6th Grade)

    · Rocket 2 Paper Airplane

    · Sail Car Project

    ·  Lego Machines and Design

    · Future Tech Ed . opportunities

    Contact– Dale Fair


    Updated— Sept. 2016