• Greetings Civics/Economics Students!
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       For class this year you will need a 1" three ring notebook binder.  
    Welcome to the Civics Page!  Below, you will find the Pacing guide for this year!

    Civics and Economics Pacing Guide (2017-2018)

    First Six Weeks

    *Civics/Economics Pre-Assessment

    *Unit One- Foundations of American Government (CE 2 a-d)

    Students learn about the key concepts and documents that influenced the U.S. Constitution and about the Constitution itself.

    *Unit Two- Citizenship (CE 3 a-e, CE 9d, CE 4 a-g)

    Students learn about the Rights, Liberties, Constitutional Protections, Duties and Responsibilities of Citizenship.

    Second Six Weeks

    * Unit Three- Federal System of Government (CE 6 a-d, CE 10b, CE 9 a-d)

    Students will learn about the three branches in our federal government, including the structure and powers of each, separation of powers, and checks and balances.

    Third Six Weeks

    *  Start Unit Four- State and Local Government (CE 7 a-d, CE 8 a-c, CE 9a, CE 9c, CE 10c)

    Students will learn about the three branches in our state government, including the structure and powers of each and how the federal and state governments share power under federalism as well as the three branches of government in cities, counties, and towns in the state of Virginia.

    * Civics/Economics Mid-Assessment

    Fourth Six Weeks

    * Unit Five- Political Process (CE 5 a-f, CE 10 a, CE 10 b)

    Students will learn about Elections, Political Parties, and the Role of the Media, individuals and interest groups in our government.

    * Unit Six- The American Free Market System (CE 11 a-b, CE 12 a-e)

    Students will learn about key economic vocabulary, types of world economies, characteristics of the U.S. Economy, types of businesses in the United States, the circular flow of the U.S. economy, and money.

    Fifth Six Weeks

    * Unit Seven- Government and the Economy (CE 12 d, CE 13 a-f)

    Students learn about the government’s role in the U.S. Economy.

    * Unit Eight- Workforce and Careers (CE 12f, CE 14 a-f)

    Students learn about technology, the global economy, job opportunities and careers.


    Sixth Six Weeks

    * SOL Review

    * Civics/Economics Post-Assessment

    * Civics and Economics Enrichment Unit following the SOL