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    Hello to parents, friends, and students. 
    My name is Shayna Keagy, and this is my sixth year of teaching Kindergarten here at Beverley Manor Elementary.  I really enjoyed my classes the last five years, so I said to myself "Why not come back for another year?". I look forward to meeting all of my students on the first day of school.
    Currently I live in Verona with my 4 1/2 year old daughter Hailey, my husband Chris, my dog Bear, and our new addition 9 month old Hannah Grace. I love everything about my family. wouldn't change a thing in my life right now.  I am so excited to have my daughter joining me in Kindergarten next year.
               mickey       Hailey               Hannah                 
    My hobbies are reading, playing with Hailey and Hannah, spending time with family, photography, camping and watching the O's and Ravens play ball.
    My goals this school year are to make all my children enjoy school as much as possible, and to teach them as much as I possibly can in a fun learning environment.  Learning this year includes songs, stories, and lots of fun field trips and hands on experiments.  I want all my children to leave the classroom with a huge brain full of knowledge.  If you have any questions, concerns, or comments at anytime throughout the year you can call me at school, e-mail me, or just drop me a note.  I try to respond to all notes, e-mails, and phone calls as soon as I possibly can.
    Thanks so much for all your support.