(Athletics, Fun, Rewards, and Scholarships!)


    From: SDHS Athletic Booster Club

    To:  All Parents of SDHS Athletes/Students

    Re:  Changes to enhance the student athlete experience


    The Athletic Booster Club is making some exciting changes for current and future volunteers.  In turn, this should enhance the experience of all student athletes.  Please read further to see how these changes can even potentially help pay for your child’s education now or in the future. 


    We believe all people like to help and support our young adults.  We also understand different people like to provide support in different ways because of their own preference or life circumstances.  Therefore, with some deep thought, the Booster club has come up with a new strategy to try and offer everyone an opportunity to participate in a manner that best suits each volunteer. This is important because the back-bone of the Booster Club is our volunteers. Without volunteers, we can provide nothing for the student athletes.


    Please keep in mind any new system is not going to be perfect from the start.  We believe that after one or two years we should have any kinks worked out and have a solid system in place to continue supporting SDHS student athletes for years to come.


    The system in a nutshell:


    *Volunteers will be offered several different ways to participate.

    *Volunteers can accumulate points that can be designated to their favorite athlete and, at the same time earn the volunteer rewards.

    *Points designated for student athletes can earn the athlete scholarships for education.   

       (Can be used for college expenses)(Awarded at the end of each school year)

    * Rewards for the volunteers will be earned per season.



    The purpose of this change is to continue and improve what we can offer our student athletes, as well as provide scholarship opportunities to help continue their education. 




    The Athletic Booster Club


    *Should you have any questions, please contact Mary Ann Barlow  (540) 942-3937
Last Modified on August 16, 2011