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The Great Kindness Challenge

Kindness Challenge
CLICK this link for details  -   Great Kindness Challenge at BME
This week, Beverley Manor Elementary students have accepted The Great Kindness Challenge! 
On Monday, students celebrated peace, love & kindness by wearing tie-dye, peace signs and hearts.  Every student wrote at least one kind note to someone of their choice. 
On Tuesday, students showed kindness around the world by wearing something that represents a different culture or country.  They showed kindness to the environment by collecting trash around school.  ​

And on Wednesday...

The Great Kindness Challenge is a week dedicated to performing millions of acts of kindness
on campuses nationwide!

Support Beverley Manor Elementary School during the week of March 20-24, 2017 in creating a safe and caring school environment!

Students at Beverley Manor Elementary are taking the Great Kindness Challenge.  The challenge lasts for one week, March 20 - 24th, and encourages community members and businesses to come together and participate as well.  Each student will receive a list of 50 ways to show kindness and will be challenged to see how many kind deeds they can perform in a week.  Along with the 50 deeds, students will also be working together at school to show kindness to others, the community, the Earth, and the animals of the area.  You can download the free app to take the great kindness challenge as well!
BMES activities to support a safe and caring school environment include:
Monday  -  GKC Kickoff and writing kind notes for students and staff
Tuesday  - picking up litter around campus
Wednesday -  pairing older students with younger students to read to one another
Thursday -  running a donation drive for the Wildlife Center of Virginia in Waynesboro
 *see list below
Friday -  writing letters of kindness to students around Augusta County
Beverley Manor Elementary, in collaboration with Kids for Peace, is sponsoring the event. 

You can show kindness too by:

Monday - Writing a kind note to someone unexpected

Tuesday- Being kind to the Earth by picking up trash around campus or in your neighborhood

Wednesday- Reading a book with someone of a different age

Thursday- Bringing in donations for the Wildlife Center of Virginia.  You can drop off your donations at BMES 8-3:30.  *see list below

Friday- Writing a kind letter to someone you haven’t seen in a while 


Contact Suzanne Smith, School Counselor at BME, to find out how you can be part of this transformational initiative!