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BME's 24 Challenge Team!

24 Team  

We are so proud of our 2016-17 BMES 24 Team. 
BMES shared their excellence once again. We had six students advance to the third round.
They were Andrew Rathburn, Angela Xue, Jacob Miller, Jayden Zimmerman, Brenna Collins, and Maddie Yowell. 

Also representing BME with strong performances were Camden Huffer, Sarah Hylton, Jack Yang, and Storm Bertch.

 Andrew and Angela advanced to the fourth round

with Andrew winning the tournament and Angela coming in second.
Everyone had a good time!


The BMES 24 banner took one last lap around the gym. 


We are so proud of our 2016-17 BMES 24 Team.

Our 5th graders did fabulously this evening at the 24 Challenge Tournament! 
We were represented by 12 students. 11 of them made it to the top 16!!!
The final 4 were all BME students!
Congrats to Maddie Yowell for her excellence!
Camden Huffer, Bryce Wagner, Brenna Collins, Aidan Starcher, 
Storm Bertch, Jack Yang, and Jacob Miller made it to the top 16!
Sarah Hylton, Jayden Zimmerman, Angela Xue made the finals.
Andrew Rathburn is the ACPS 24 Champion for 2017!!
Sarah, Jayden, Angela, and Andrew will represent BME
in the Regional 24 Challenge Tournament in April. 
Abby Jackson and Julie Sanger deserve a huge congratulations for their efforts and support of this amazing performance by all 12 of our students! 
It is a proud night for sure!
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