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BGHS and ACPS Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding ACPS Return To Learning Plan 2020-2021



Buffalo Gap Specific Frequently Asked Questions

As school opens these will be the procedures for:



At the High School level each class may have suggested supplies depending on the area/subject matter, common needs are 3-ring binders, pencils, paper, etc.

This year with the use of Chromebooks/Laptops for coursework a common suggestion is that students have headphones/earbuds available for any video/audio components in their coursework.

Chromebook Pick Up/Exchange

Bison families if you need to Pick Up/Exchange a school Chromebook please call 337-6021 between the hours of 8:30am - 4:00pm.

Rising Freshmen that stored their Chromebooks over the summer with BMMS are able to pick up their devices at this time from BGHS.

Our rising Sophomores will be exchanging their existing devices for new Chromebooks for this year. If you are a rising Sophomore please bring your current Chromebook and charger when you exchange your device.

Rising Seniors will have Chromebooks available to them the first week of school.

Please return Library Books/Materials from the Spring and Summer. There are no late fines/fees!
Entering the Building Students
Students will only be allowed to enter the building through the Front (Main) entrance and the Cafeteria (Patio) Doors entrance. Each student leaving transportation will be masked, maintain 6ft distance as they check in with our "greeters" with thermometers. Once checked and their temperature is below the requisite 100.4 they will be directed to their first classroom.
If they are picking up breakfast they will pick it up from our tables in the cafeteria and take to their classroom.
If students show a temperature of 100.4 or greater they will be directed to the auditorium from the front entrance and to the auditorium via the outside sidewalk from the cafeteria entrance. These students will be isolated until further assessment from Nurse Sherry.
Morning Tech
Students attending morning VCTC will need to be checked in and ready to load the bus prior to the departure time 8:20am. Students who are driving to VCTC will need to follow paperwork and procedures for Student Driving/Parking, there will be no fee assessed for this year. 
Between classes and traveling in the building students are expected to have masks on. This includes in the classroom moving around, hallways and bathrooms.
Cleaning during transitions
Classroom desks used during the prior block will be wiped down between usage. Other surfaces that may be inadvertently used by students are also expected to be cleaned.
All other facilities accessed by students and staff are on a continual rotation for disinfection/cleaning.

Meal Pick-Up/Delivery

Our meal delivery program will be available on Mondays. If you would like meals delivered, please notify your child's school. Once you have signed up, your Monday meal delivery will continue through the first semester of school. If you would like to discontinue the delivery program at any time during the first semester, contact your child's school and ask to be taken off of the list.
Pick up/grab and go meals on Mondays. (9:00-11:00am)
Students are to exit the building unless staying for an activity, they will dismiss in a rolling fashion. Seniors will be dismissed 4 mins.early. Drivers/Car riders/juniors dismissed at the tone. Bus riders will be called for dismissal.
Students remaining for Activities/Athletics are to report to their designated area following dismissal.
Activities/Clubs are allowed to meet in small groups with their sponsors maintaining designated safety parameters before or after the school day.
If club sponsors need to meet during the school day briefly in order to touch base with their programs, they will need to ask permission for the student from their respective teacher.
There will be no activity/Bison Block in the current A/B Tues-Fri schedule.
Homeroom Sept. 1&2
We will have a Homeroom for 10mins the first two days of school. 
Paperwork will be dropped off when returning in dropboxes by Grade Levels at our access points in the morning, or returned to the office.
9th Grade
Brulle (Alger -Bright)
Desper (Campbell - Emurian)
Pennington (Ergenbright - Harris)
Hemminger (Hartman - Knott)
Maxwell (Lam - Mays)
Nuckoles (McCray - Puffenbarger)
Torrens (Ralston - Shokov)
Waller (Showalter - Taylor)
Zickefoose (Thompson - Yorke)

10th Grade
Bastian (Almarode - Bussard)
Coltrane (Campbell - Davis)
Kaufman (Diaz - Harris)
Keyser (Heatwole - Kline)
Neil (Knight - Milstead)
Shields (Minter - Richardson)
Wenger (Robinson - Strother)
Wygant (Temple - Yoder)

11th Grade
Ashby (Adkins - Bowers)
Click (Brown - Cline)
Collins (Coffman - Grove)
Corbin (Harris - Klopot)
Elder (Knapp - Malcomb)
Decker (Martin - Philips)
Morgan (Pultz - Robertson)
Nave (Robinett - Smith)
Ullrich (Swisher - Yoder)

12th Grade 
Alexander  (Abshire - Bates)
Cleary  (Bazzrea - Conner)
Cline  (Craig - Graham)
Gomez  (Grimm - Lambert)
Morrison  (Lantz - Mundy)
Patteson  Myers - Rexrode)
Ward  (Richey - Sparks)
Warden (Spencer - Wiseman) 
Daily Schedule
The daily schedule will not change unless necessary due to transportation issues. Lunch times may differ from listing

Regular Daily Schedule

8:20 -                   First Bell

8:24 – 9:56          1st Block (92 minutes)

10:00 – 11:32       2nd Block (92 minutes)

11:36 – 1:10        3rd Block (A) (94 minutes)

11:36 – 11:59      1st Lunch -TBD

11:36-12:23 – 12:46-1:33 3rd Block (B) (47 minute split) 12:23 – 12:46 2nd Lunch -TBD

11:59 – 1:33        3rd Block (C) (94 minutes)

1:10 – 1:33          3rd Lunch -TBD

1:37 – 3:11          4th Block (94 minutes)

Morning Tech Bus Leaves At 8:20

Release Tech Students At 11:20 For Lunch

Afternoon Tech Bus Leaves At 11:43

Afternoon Bus Dismissal AT 3:17

Lunch Count
All students will be able to receive lunch and breakfast at no charge. Lunch count (will the student be getting lunch or not) will be taken in 1st block during attendance.
Detailed Lunch Schedule
Lunch will be a rolling process, maintaining our third block/three lunch schedule as a guide, classrooms will dismiss students to retrieve lunches in order maintaining 6ft distance by these hallways/departments. Students will report to their class first before picking up lunch. Broken down by classroom and designated time:



1st Lunch – Fine Arts(11:36am), Math (11:40am), For. Lang (11:44am) & Ag/Tech (11:48am).

2nd Lunch – Bus. (12:23am), Soc.Studies (12:27pm), SpEd (12:31pm) & FACS (12:35pm).

3rd Lunch - English (1:00pm), Science (1:04pm) & P.E (1:08pm).


If students are picking up lunch, they will pick it up from our tables in the cafeteria and take it back to their classroom. Students are to follow a directed traffic pattern down the front stairs through the cafeteria to pick up their lunch, up the back stairwell to return to their classrooms.
Trash from lunch is to be individually dumped in hallway trash cans for custodial pick up from each classroom.
During lunch and Mask breaks
Students without masks during lunch or breaks are not to face each other and must be 6ft. social distanced.

More Frequently Asked Questions will be posted soon