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New Students to our School –
Please come in to register your student(s) as soon as possible.  
Bring with you proof of residency and Birth Certificate  of your student(s).  If you are coming from out of state, 
your child will need an in-state physical.  Please call our office (540) 946-7621 if you have any questions.
All parents registering children must show two (2) current forms for proof of residency.
Examples of Residency information include:
 Current utility bill - landline telephone, electric, water, gas, cable (wireless telephone bills are not accepted)
 Current rental agreements
 Current automobile, life or health insurance policy with address included
 Current paycheck stub if address in included
 Current motor vehicle registration or title
 Current DSS Letter/Social Service Letter
 Current bank statement (internet bank statements are accepted if the local bank stamped and dated by teller as an active account) 
 Current employer verification of residence address or letter from employer as long as it is on company letterhead with original signature
 We do not accept driver’s licenses as proof of residency