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Click HERE for information regarding supplies for WMS students taking ART.

******* Art Supplies Needed*******


  • *Pencils -two number 2 pencils
  • *Erasers, cap and large pink eraser or art eraser
  • *Markers, set of 8 basic colors Pencil sharpener (small hand held)
  • *Colored pencils basic colors Paper: drawing paper or sketch pad for 6th grade and a sketchbook- sized 9”X12” (8.5X11 is okay, too) with a spiral binding for 7th and 8th graders
  • *Glue
  • Watercolor set with basic colors and brush
  • Oil pastels such as Cray-Pas, basic set
  • Sharpie, fine tip black (regular tip)
  • Scissors (optional, These will be available in the classroom and will be cleaned after use.)
  • A supply container or bag to keep the kit together
  • Either a box of tissues or hand soap for the classroom (optional, but greatly appreciated)


*The starred items are on the Middle School Supply List as well.


Dear Parents,


If you are financially able, please purchase the supplies listed above. This would help the art budget greatly.    It is difficult for the art budget to afford a complete set of materials for each student. In the past, students shared the classroom supplies which could accommodate each class and be used over and over again. This is not safe practice with Covid-19.


In these uncertain times with Covid-19, it may be difficult to supply your student with needed art supplies. The teacher will put a kit together for each student, who needs it, that includes the supplies listed.  


Please let me know if you are buying your own supplies for your student, so that I will know not to make them a kit.   Contact me at: