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Mission Statement

The Indian Way


 “Together we build community and make a positive difference

through tradition, respect, and responsibility.”


Mission Statement & Beliefs


Our mission at Fort Defiance High School is to prepare our students to be lifelong learners and contributing citizens.


We believe:

  • Students at FDHS have the opportunity to achieve and mature in a safe, healthy, and orderly environment.


  • FDHS strives to provide a continuum of programs and services to meet the needs of all of our students.


  • FDHS seeks to provide instruction to all students through an appropriate and challenging curriculum.


  • The stakeholders of FDHS commit to the needs of the learning environment.


  • FDHS aims to provide access to technology and to resources which enhance life skills.



Vision Statement


Fort Defiance High School should offer every student an opportunity to develop skills that will serve the student’s future endeavors. Development of these skills should be fostered in an environment that embraces diversity that is both tolerant and inclusive of all students in our school’s community. Educational experiences offered should include exposure to the arts, vocational training, and academic enrichment.

Socially, students should also have available school-sponsored activities that reflect and expose students to the social norms and expectations of our community. Examples of these social activities include participation in Virginia High School League activities, attendance at school sporting events, club participation, dances, fine arts productions, and other special events designated during the school year.

In summary, any Fort Defiance High School student should graduate with the academic and social skills necessary to allow for continued personal growth; this, in turn, should allow each individual to become a contributing member of our society.