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Attendance Policy

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Attendance Reminders:  

- Children learn best when they attend school regularly.  

- RHS school day begins at 8:12am and ends at 3:16pm.  

- Under the Code of Virginia, the Commonwealth Compulsory Attendance Laws require that students attend school regularly.


High school personnel will accept an Email from the parent/guardian in place of a written note due to absences,  or the student must bring a written, signed note from the parent/guardian or a third party note stating the day and reason for the absence.  After ten cumulative days per year we may require a third party note. 

Such notes must be received within three (3) days of a return to school.  Written notes should be turned into the main office, and students should not give them to your teacher.  Given the nature of the circumstances, Email notes should be sent to Mr. Lowe, Mr. Stevens, or Ms. Bozic.

Absences from school shall be considered excused for the following reasons:  

  • Personal illness or injury of the student. A doctor's note may be required if absenteeism has become a problem.  
  • Court subpoena/summons for the student.  
  • Death or serious illness in the family.  
  • Absences that are pre-arranged with the principal (family trips).   Email or note before trip is required to excuse absence.  
  • Emergency extenuating circumstances that the Principal considers are unavoidable. Direct communication with the principal is necessary.  Pre-arranged absence notes can be picked up in the main office from one of the secretaries.

(Source:  ACPS Administrative Manual, policy 7.110)



School Contact Information:

Main Office #-540-337-1921   

Fax #-540-337-0258    


Email Contacts:

Mr. Matt Stevens -  Principal-

Ms. Erinn Hailey - Assistant Principal -

Ms. Jennifer Brown, Attendance Secretary-


Please visit the ACPS attendance webpage for more information: