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WMHS Digital Sign Campaign


Wilson Memorial High School

189 Hornet Road ▪ Fishersville, VA 22939

Phone: 540-886-4286   Fax:  540-886-4611


June 2017


Dear Friend of WMHS:                                                                                                                                                    
Wilson Memorial is a fantastic school, and our students have many opportunities to make lasting positive memories throughout their time spent on Hornet Road.  We have served Augusta County students since 1947.  As the oldest secondary school in Augusta County, “The Hive” has been an Augusta County staple for over 60 years.  

Of course, as time passes, change is inevitable.  For many years, the WMHS Administration has used a sign located along Route 250 that is manually changed to communicate with the public.  The sign is utilized to advertise athletic events, concerts, and special announcements that affect Green Hornets past and present.  However, as the years have progressed, our sign has sustained minor damage.  Coupled with the fact that the school now offers a multitude of activities annually that deserve to be trumpeted, we feel we have outgrown our current sign.   As a result, the WMHS Administration is sponsoring a fundraising campaign to raise money to support the installation of a new digital sign.  The benefits of such a change will allow the school to communicate more events to the public at a single time.  The sign can be changed quickly, using modern technology, rather than manually inputting messages.  Furthermore, a digital sign will be able to promote numerous school events so that the hard work of our students, teachers, and coaches can be enjoyed by our extended Green Hornet family.

The purpose of this letter is to invite you to be involved in the fundraising process.  We humbly ask that you or your organization/corporation support our efforts through one of the following levels of support:



Contribution Amount


WMHS Reciprocal Gift

Friend of WMHS

Less than $250.00

Individual/Company Name listed in all gameday athletic programs during 2017-18 home athletic contests and on a recognition display at the school.



Friend Level plus:

20 free admissions to 2017-18 home contests


$500.00 - $999

Friend Level plus:

1 Year-Long Athletic Pass (Admission

to 2017-18 home events)


$1,000.00 - $1,499

Friend Level plus:

2 Year-Long Athletic Passes

(Admission to 2017-18 home events)



       Friend Level plus:

       3 Year-Long Athletic Passes

       1 Year Free Digital Sign Advertising



       Friend Level plus:

       2 Lifetime Athletic Passes (Admission to home athletic events)

       Public Address Recognition at all

2017-18 home contests

       3 Years Free Digital Sign Advertising

Lead Donor

$5,000 & Above

       Friend Level plus:

       4 Lifetime Athletic Passes (Admission to home athletic events)

       Public Address Recognition at all

2017-18 home contests

       Public Recognition Ceremony at a selected athletic event during the

2017-18 season

       5 Years Free Digital Sign Advertising


NOTE:  For friends who contribute at the Gold, Platinum, or Lead Donor levels, the advertising options available to sponsors are detailed below:


       Individuals:  Birthday/Anniversary Announcements, Hornet Spirit Announcements, School

Achievement/Recognition Announcements, Approved Community Events

       Businesses:  Company Logo (Full Color) and/or any specific text that could help generate additional traffic for our sponsors


Digital Advertising Guidelines:  Digital Advertisements will be uploaded into the new sign on Route 250 (250/Lifecore Intersection).  Advertisements can include company logo and a message, or simply a text message.  The advertisements will run intermittently throughout the week between normal Wilson Memorial messages on the new sign.  Donors will be able to select the image/message they want displayed on the sign.  Advertisements may need to be changed due to any technology-based restrictions.  Sponsors would have the option to change their ad once per sports season over the course of the 1, 3, or 5 year contract.



We are excited to report that, as of June 15, 2017, we have raised $11,000 toward this project! In order to achieve our goal of installing a modern digital sign, we still need to raise $21,000. We certainly understand that we cannot do this alone, and appreciate any contribution. Checks should be made out to “Wilson Memorial High School,” and a receipt containing the Wilson Memorial High School Tax ID number will be sent in return.
Thank you to the following businesses and school organizations that have made donations: Class of 2013, Class of 2015, WMHS Technology Department, WMHS Technology Student Association, WMHS Social Studies Department, and the WMHS Band Boosters. And a special thank-you to F&M Bank, our first Platinum donor, for their generous donation!
Thank you for your consideration of this project. Should there be any questions, please contact us at 540-886-4286 or through our respective e-mail addresses.  GO HORNETS!

Sincerely yours,

Kelly F. Troxell, Ed.D., Principal

Craig P. Flesher, Ass't. Principal/Athletic Director