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Help Us Make Room 6
The Happiest Place on Earth!
Mrs.Boothe's Amazon Wish List:
Here are a few other things that we would LOVE to have: 
Brightly colored card stock for games, book covers, etc.  ANY color!! 
Large bags of M & M's for our reward jar
Lysol Products (teacher use only!) YES....I am a "germaphobe" but everyone benefits! LOL! 
ACARD   mcard   tcard
Gift cards to these stores allow us to get the things we need throughout the year 
Any new or used book(s) to use during our Daily 5 reading time.
 Thank you for stopping by and taking a LOOK Around!!
We want Room 6 to be the best! 
These items will help us accomplish that task! 
We are happy to have any item you would like to donate!