School Reopening Updates

Click here for ACPS Phase III Reopening Plan

This request for distance learning form is to be completed by AUGUST 19TH if you do NOT plan to physically send your student to school but DO plan to enroll your student in 100% distance learning through Augusta County Schools. Please complete one form per child and submit immediately to the student's school via email, mail, in-person drop off.

 The Virginia Department Of Education has put together a Parent Guide and COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (VDOE) 

Click here for the Mutual Aid SAW Resource List  (updated regularly)

In addition to the DSS Covid page, which is updated regularly with the most timely information and guidance from the department, VDSS has launched COVID-19 Virginia Resources, a mobile app and website designed to streamline access to critical and actionable resources from 2-1-1 Virginia, CommonHelp, and a myriad of other state and federal agencies.