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ACPS Frequently Asked Questions Updated 8.18.20


Virginia’s guidance, which is aligned with the interim CDC guidance for schools, serves as a recommendation for Virginia schools to mitigate risks associated with COVID-19.

 ACPS Mask Policy

Cloth face coverings are required for students throughout the day. Mask breaks will be offered.

Outside breaks are encouraged as much as possible.
● 6 feet social distance when there is no physical activity
● 10 feet social distance when there is physical activity

Inside breaks are limited to a maximum of 10 minutes class/hour:
● Must be in their seat
● Must be 6 feet from the teacher and other students
● Facing the same direction as other students
● During a seated activity (i.e. quiet reading time, journal time)
● Breakfast/lunch (may be longer than 10 minutes)

Each student will be provided with one plain washable cloth mask.

*Please check with your child's school about specific information about the mask policy.

Grading & Attendance Policy

Elementary School: TBD 

Middle School: TBD

High School: TBD 

ACPS Meal Service

Augusta County Public Schools will provide all students* with free breakfast and lunch through grab and go and delivery, beginning September 14. More information will be forthcoming. 

Q: For blended learners, is breakfast available in the morning? Are lunches hot or cold or a variety or should my child pack a lunch?

A: Breakfast and lunch will be available for all students and it will be served in their classroom to avoid gatherings. One hot and one cold entree will be available for breakfast and lunch.

Q: Is there a plan for meals for distance learners to ease the financial burden of those who chose/needed to choose this option due to high risk households?

A: Yes, grab and go meals will be provided on Mondays at certain locations: CLES, SMS, RES, WES, Cassell, Craigsville, CHES, BMMS and BGHS

If you would like meals delivered, please notify the school by August 28 at 3:00 PM. Once you have signed up, your Monday meal delivery will continue through the first semester of school. If you would like to discontinue the delivery program at any time during the first semester, contact the school and ask to be taken off of the list.

Students may receive meals for up to 5 days each week. So for example, if your child is part of our Blended Learning option and comes to school 2 days each week, then they can get 3 days of meals on Monday. Kindergarten students who come 4 days a week can get 1 day of meals on Monday. Distance Learning students who do not come to school during the week are able to get 5 days of meals on Mondays.

Homeless Identification

Students experiencing homelessness continue to have educational rights under the McKinney-Vento Act as schools prepare to reopen. Liaisons should continue to identify enrolling students, as well as students already enrolled in the school division who lose their housing... As students experiencing homelessness move, they continue to have the right to remain enrolled in the current school and receive services. Remaining in the school of origin is the preferred option for serving students under McKinney-Vento; however, if a parent or guardian or unaccompanied homeless youth wishes to enroll in the local school for the current attendance zone, the McKinney-Vento Act requires immediate enrollment and services comparable to those other students are receiving should be provided.

Who Do I Contact?

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