The basic process of wayfinding involves four stages:

    1 - Orientation is the attempt to determine one's location, in relation to objects that may be nearby and the desired destination.

    2 - Route decision is the selection of a course of direction to the destination.

    3 - Route monitoring is checking to make sure that the selected route is heading towards the destination.

    4 - Destination recognition is when the destination is recognized.


    We are striving to help the students find their way.  We are helping them to understand that when making choices, those choices lead you in a direction.  We want them to make sure those decisions are the direction they want to go.  We also want them to realize once they get there at their destination, is this the destination that they want.


    Math - Wendy Hull

    LA - Tesia Shafer

    Science - William Roethlisberger

    Civics - Brian Boyle

    Resource - Cheryl Tutwiler


    All Wayfinders teachers are "highly qualified" under the federal No Child Left Behind Act.
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