Your paycheck reflects your gross pay which is the total amount you are paid, and your net, or take home pay. Your net pay is the amount of money left once deductions have been taken. Deductions include mandatory items such as taxes, and non-mandatory items, such as association membership dues. Deduction changes are due to payroll by the tenth of each month. A completed application form is required for most changes. 

Mandatory Deductions 

Mandatory deductions are withheld from your pay each pay period.  They include the following:

  • Federal tax

  • State tax

  • FICA tax - includes a split deduction for Old-Age Survivors Benefit and Medicare

  • Virginia Retirement System mandatory deduction (if eligible)

You can change your federal and/or state withholding(s) by completing the appropriate withholding form. A link to these forms can be found under the "Forms and Publications" tab of this web page. 

Voluntary Deductions 

Voluntary deductions are available to full-time, contracted employees (those working 30 or more hours per week). They include the following:

  • Health insurance

  • Dental Insurance

  • Optional Life Insurance

  • Flexible Spending Accounts - includes medical and dependent care accounts

  • Tax Sheltered Annuities

  • Augusta County Credit Union

  • United Way

  • Augusta County Education Association

Certain voluntary deductions like health and dental insurance and flexible spending accounts can only be changed during open enrollment periods or if the employee experiences a "life event change". For more information on changing other voluntary deductions, contact the payroll/benefits office.