Leave Benefits

Sick Leave - Regulations 5.340 and 5.346

Employees earn sick leave based on their length of contract:

  • 10-month contract - 10 days per year

  • 11-month contract - 11 days per year

  • 12-month contract - 12 days per year

  • School Nutrition Worker - 6 days per year

For additional plan details, please refer to the Augusta County School Board Administrative Manual regulation that applies.

Personal Leave

All 10 and 11 month teachers, clerical, and support personnel are given two personal leave days per year. A maximum of six personal leave days can be accumulated and used by an employee during any one contract year.

Annual Leave

Annual leave is provided for personnel under a 12-month contract who work 20 hours or more per week. Employees who resign or retire under a 12-month contract will be paid for accumulated annual leave not to exceed the maximum carryover amount.

Requesting/Viewing Leave

Employee leave is recorded in the TIMECLOCK PLUS system. Leave is requested prior to the event and approved by a building administrator.