Prescription Drug Benefits

Carrier: Express-Scripts
Customer Service Phone (RxBenefits): 1-800-334-8134
Mobile App:  

For a replacement ID card, contact RxBenefits at 1-800-334-8134. Member services will email a temporary card and request a permanent card be mailed to your home address.

  • Prescription Summary of Benefits

  • RxBenefits, Inc. is the pharmacy benefit administrator. Their member services team is called RxAssure.

  • There will be separate cards for Aetna and Express-Scripts.

  • Pharmacy co-payments for both retail and  maintenance medications remain unchanged from 2016.

  • You can contact RxBenefits at 1-800-334-8134 with formulary questions.

  • Mail orders with Express-Scripts require new written prescriptions and registration with ESI's home delivery program. Download a mail order form here.

  • A mobile app (myDrugCosts) will be offered through RxBenefits. You can use the app to research drug costs and alternatives.

Who Is Who?
RxBenefits, RxAssure & Express-Scripts...

RxBenefits – Pharmacy Benefits Administrator

RxAssure (part of RxBenefits)

  • Member Services:

    • Denied claims

    • Copay inquires  

    • Plan questions

    • Customer service issues/questions

    • Locate a pharmacy

    • Pricing questions

    • Included/excluded medication 

Express Scripts

  • Pharmacy Benefit Manager

  • Specialty pharmacy, Accredo

  • Pharmacy Help Desk

  • Back-up customer service

  • Mail Order pharmacy 

Member Information:

  • RxBIN: 610014

  • RxGroup: 35242Rx

  • Express-Scripts Pharmacy Help Desk: 1-800-922-1557

  • RxAssure Member Services: 1-800-334-8134

Specialty Medication:

  • Specialty medications are covered through Accredo (Express-Scripts Specialty Pharmacy).

  • Specialty medications may require pre-authorization and quantity limits may apply.

  • Specialty medications are limited to a 30-day supply.