Health Insurance Benefit

Carrier: Aetna
Customer Service Phone: 800-426-4363 
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2022 Rate Chart-LOW POS

The school board provides employees who work 30 or more hours per week the opportunity to participate in a health insurance plan.  Aetna is the current carrier for health insurance coverage.  For coverage selections, benefit summaries, and rate information, refer to the tables referenced later on this page.  

NOTE: Children can be enrolled in your health insurance plan until they turn 26. 

NOTE: Employees who elect health insurance for their spouse must complete a spousal mandate affidavit. If a working spouse has access to affordable group health insurance through their employer, they must accept their own insurance rather than join the Augusta County Public School's plan. Completion of the affidavit will take place during the Plansource online enrollment process. 

The amount paid towards the annual premium for each employee will be determined by the School Board.   

For new enrollees, the health insurance coverage effective date is the first day of the month following your first paycheck (Example: August 31st paycheck, September 1st coverage date) 

PLEASE NOTE: Monthly premiums are automatically deducted from your paycheck on a pre-tax basis unless you indicate otherwise by signing a Premium Conversion Waiver Form at the time of application or during annual open enrollment.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Health insurance is considered a pre-tax benefit under the Augusta County Schools Section 125 plan. Elections are made during open enrollment and are irrevocable unless the employee experiences a "life event" as defined by the Internal Revenue Service code. A new election is allowed within 30 days of experiencing a life event and must be submitted through the Plansource online enrollment system. 

Employees wishing to add newborn or adopted children to the health insurance plan have 30 days from the birth or adoption to make the election. Enrollment will not be permitted after 30 days except during the next open enrollment period.

Flu shots are available at:

  • Participating doctor's office using your Aetna medical coverage, or;

  • Participating pharmacies through your Express Scripts pharmacy benefit.

Please present the appropriate member ID card. There is a $0 copay for the vaccine.