Student Online Registration

Online Registration is a tool designed to allow parents and/or guardians to register their student(s). This video is a guide for parents or guardians on how to use the tool.

Guardians of Preschoolers—STOP.

Click go2grow to apply for Preschool.

Things to Know

  1. Register via a computer/laptop. Use of a mobile phone/tablet is not recommended.

  2. Ensure that you select the correct registration school year.

  3. Enter all persons' (students, guardians, emergency contacts) complete legal (first, middle, and last) name and correct date of birth.

  4. Contact the school registrar for assistance.

  5. The registration process takes 15-20 minutes. Applications can be saved if more data entry is needed, and reopened at a later time. If data is not completed at the time of original entry, upon returning to the application, information displays in yellow.

  6. Required fields display with a red asterisk.

  7. It is not possible to move to the next panel without using the Previous and Next buttons available on each panel. A warning message displays if this is done.

  8. Refer to the Registration Guide for more help and information.

Key Terms in the Application

  • Parent/Guardian: A person who is entrusted by law with the care of a minor.

  • Emergency Contact: Any person who should be contacted if a guardian can not be reached.

  • Other Household Member: Any person who is not a current student, parent/guardian, or emergency contact and lives in the same household as the student.

  • Student: Any person who the guardian is registering to attend an ACPS school.