Payroll Information

Payroll deductions changes are due in writing by the 10th of each month. Deduction changes on the June and July checks for 10 and 11-month employees must be submitted to the Payroll office in writing by June 5th. This deadline applies to the June check for 12-month employees. 

Payroll and Benefits Contacts

Anne Hubbard, Supervisor

Mary Beth Rolfe, Accountant

Ashley Duke, Accountant



The Finance Department's Payroll and Benefits Office processes monthly payrolls and administers a comprehensive benefits package for approximately 1700 full-time employees.  Our mission is to ensure timely and accurate payment of wages to Augusta County Schools employees. 

Our office is responsible for all wage payments and deductions for ACSB employees.  We manage pay and leave related data including all tax forms, direct deposit information, tax-deferred annuities, child-support orders, tax liens, court-ordered garnishments and time and attendance data from across all work locations in our county.  In addition, we are responsible for processing payments to vendors providing benefits or services on behalf of the ACSB employees through payroll deductions.

Payment of Wages - Full-Tim Employees

All employees on contract or letter of agreement are paid gross wages in twelve (12) equal installments according to the following:

Contract Type

Payroll Cycle

Contract Length

10 Month and 11 Month

August through July

Up to 240 days

12 Month

July through June

240 and 260 days

Full-time employees are paid on a monthly basis on the last calendar day of each month.

Payment of Wages - Substitute Employees

All substitute employees including teachers, clerical, custodians, cafeteria workers, and bus drivers will be paid on the fifteenth (15th) day of the month for the time worked the preceding month.  These employees are paid on an hourly basis without issuance of an employment contract or agreement. Payment is made by direct deposit. 

Substitute employees are eligible to participate in the tax deferred annuity program.  A listing of tax shelter products is available at

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  According to the Virginia Employment Commission, employees hired in substitute positions are not eligible for unemployment benefits due to "lack of work" if they have reasonable assurance of returning after a break in employment.