Substitute Teaching

Qualified substitutes are in demand and Augusta County Schools invites those interested to pursue this avenue of employment. People interested in substitute teaching should apply online under Anticipated: Substitute Teachers.  Applicants will need to be interviewed by the school's principal prior to employment.   

After interviewing with the school principal, candidates will be required to come to Central Office for fingerprinting and central registry clearance.  

Substitute teachers shall be employed and paid on an hourly basis without issuance of an employment contract.

Daily Pay Rates

Substitute for Aides

$14.00 per hour

Substitute for Teachers

$17.00 per hour

Long-Term* Substitute for Teachers

$23.00 per hour

Long-Term Aide Substitutes

$15.00 per hour

*The Virginia Board of Education requires that a substitute teacher who teaches continuously in excess of ninety (90) days hold a teaching license. By definition, long-term substitute teachers are those who work continuously for 16 or more days for the same teacher and are considered highly qualified. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: According to the Virginia Employment Commission, employees hired in substitute positions are not eligible for unemployment benefits due to "lack of work" unless they have a reasonable assurance of returning after a break in employment.