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Stewart Middle School: Breaking Down Breakfast Barriers

Hectic mornings, not being hungry early in the morning, bus schedules, and being out of your favorite breakfast foods at home are a few barriers to eating breakfast that students of all ages face.

Ensuring that his students eat breakfast is important to Mr. Bill Roberts, Principal at Stewart Middle School.  When approached last year, by Wilda Barnes, the cafeteria manager, about having a grab-n-go breakfast cart, he gave it his full support.  Expansion this year to two carts, has broken down many barriers and more students are eating breakfast.  “We pride ourselves in having a high breakfast participation rate,” says Mr. Roberts.  “This is fantastic,” Sarah Melton, the Assistant Principal says of the program. 

Teachers are also in favor of the program. 

“By eating in the classroom, it gives homeroom teachers and students quality time to connect and for tutorial time” says Heidi Whitecotton.


“I have seen a lot more kids use this than ever before” says Dave Marsh, 7th grade Social Studies teacher


This program has made breakfast accessible, convenient, and easy for students.

Students can “get it and go” and its Grab n Go Breakfast “fun to watch, even hilarious” as the kids come to the cart, says Clarissa Via, cafeteria staff.


The carts are “a very good idea” there is better participation since kids can “get breakfast even if they have activities in the morning” says cafeteria staff, Paula Lowry.


There’s plenty of “good variety” according to Carolyn Drumheller, cafeteria staff, despite the fact it is served from a cart in the hallway.


“There are no real barriers for this program” states principal Roberts and teachers are receptive and happy;


I see “better behavior” states Diane Morgan, it is “very beneficial.”


The grab-n-go breakfast carts in the hallways, bring breakfast to the students making it easy and accessible to them.  Kids are eating breakfast and have time for homeroom time, it’s a win-win for all at Stewart Middle School.

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