Ethernet Cables

Help guide internet service to underserved areas in Augusta County.

Please take the broadband survey especially if you live, work, or learn where internet is unavailable.

In an effort to better understand the need for internet service, Augusta County is conducting a survey on accessibility and would like your feedback. 

The most important piece of information that the county continually strives to obtain is the exact location where service is unavailable. If we know the address where broadband availability is lacking, we are able to map our underserved areas accurately and can use that information to guide local internet providers. 

Your feedback will also provide information that will help improve and expand internet service in the area. Along with public-private partnerships, we use survey data to write grant requests with the Virginia Telecommunications Initiative (VATI). Information collected from the last internet survey in 2019 also helped secure three CARES Act broadband grants in 2020 which brought a total of $900,441 in funding for connectivity in Augusta County. 

The survey will close on Friday, July 16, 2021. You can find hardcopies of the survey at all the library branches as well as at all counters in the Government Center. Your survey responses are confidential.